Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro - HANDS ON & FIRST LOOK 

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro first look - amazing matte finish on the back, quad camera setup with 108MP camera, 90Hz AMOLED screen and dual speakers. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro unboxing and review coming soon!
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13 Th02, 2020

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why creepy
why creepy 5 giờ trước
F*** Samsung
Karl Chris
Karl Chris 4 ngày trước
What do you guys prefer? s20 plus or this mi 10 pro?
Daniel Stan
Daniel Stan 5 ngày trước
Whta's the difference between Xiaomi Mi Note 10 pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 pro? is this the same phone ?
Naty Avellaneda
Naty Avellaneda 5 ngày trước
🇺🇸Somebody else is from USA? I need to know how to buy it and how to got unlimited plan because Verizon doesn't allow Xiaomi brand🇺🇸🇺🇸
swordfish gta
swordfish gta 5 ngày trước
like bro... vivids.info/video/Yr7XobfIqs9oyak.html
Athuman Said Jumanne
Athuman Said Jumanne 6 ngày trước
If only it run on Android One.
Kenny Marvel
Kenny Marvel 6 ngày trước
Does it have karonavirus manual on it
Ait Nadir
Ait Nadir 6 ngày trước
Where can I buy it ? I am in China and they told me it is sold out in the xiaomi store
anthony lovett
anthony lovett 6 ngày trước
Casually slides in “no headphone jack, but you DO get stereo speakers”.......Lol
Lore P
Lore P 6 ngày trước
What will be the price in europe? Worth to buy the mi note 10 for 450€?
Peter 6 ngày trước
does it have google services?
Nathan Geiger
Nathan Geiger 6 ngày trước
What kind of FPS options are there in 4K and Slowmo?
Vivek Kamath
Vivek Kamath 6 ngày trước
Shitty xiaomi ppi never goes beyond 400
joseph shine
joseph shine 7 ngày trước
I want tob see the 8K video recording and 100x Zoom
traveling alone
traveling alone 7 ngày trước
Mi Not 10 has ugly curves it's same in mi 10 pro !!!???
Kar Ming
Kar Ming 7 ngày trước
Take my money. Give me the pro version :D
SPECS Database
SPECS Database 7 ngày trước
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Specs OS : Android 10.0 Chipset : Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 Display : Super AMOLED, 6.67 inches Front Camera : Single, 20 MP Rear Camera : Quad, 108MP + 20MP + 12MP + 8MP RAM : 8 GB / 12 GB storage : 256 GB / 512 GB Battery : 4,500 mAh full Specs | www.specsz.com/xiaomi-mi-10-pro-specs/ ______________
dxterz 7 ngày trước
I hope they stop the curved display
neomt2 7 ngày trước
Ya no - will wait for Sony Xperia 1.1 flagship
Dominic De Leon
Dominic De Leon 7 ngày trước
Subscribed! Available in USA?
death bystereo
death bystereo 7 ngày trước
Grrr want a flat screen
Pedro Gabriel Haddad
Pedro Gabriel Haddad 7 ngày trước
I was in until he said no headphone jack. Pass
Michael Heins
Michael Heins 7 ngày trước
Xiomi 👍👌
qLeima- 8 ngày trước
My Mi9 became perfect after year of usage so as other Xiaomi phones. I'll wait for best price/quality and buy Mi10 in the beginning of 2021 :)
大帝 7 ngày trước
It arrived at two o'clock yesterday afternoon. It only takes two days for the express delivery
大帝 7 ngày trước
I've already bought it 😂😂😂
Frog Plopper
Frog Plopper 8 ngày trước
I am NEVER buying another Xiaomi phone again. I bought this company's piece of crap. Sure, the specs are nice...on paper. HOWEVER the connectivity is trash. Can't even watch VIvids videos without it buffering every 5 seconds, even though my wifi is great. PLUS the SIM card situation is garbage as well. I've been through SEVERAL Xiaomi phones and tried SEVERAL SIM cards yet STILL experience delayed text issues and sometimes don't even receive pictures messages. This is with trying MULTIPLE carriers so I know it's not the carrier, it's the phone. Worst of all? THE ADS. Sure, you can remove some of them but not all. Who the F wants to see unremovable ads on their phone? For instance, even when you open Facebook, the phone pops up an ad asking you to like Xiaomi's Facebook page... WHAT THE F. You get what you pay for people... DO NOT BUT ANY XIAOMI PHONE I'M WARNING YOU.
Frog Plopper
Frog Plopper 6 ngày trước
@Not again lmao so if you don't have any likes on an internet comment, your point is invalid. What a silly little clown you are.
Not again
Not again 6 ngày trước
Looking at your amount of 0 like, no one agrees with you. Go buy Samsung, if you are not already a Samsung cybertrooper.
Adam A
Adam A 8 ngày trước
I hate curved screens.. Good thing I just bought the Mi 9 pro 😍
Marius 8 ngày trước
Farid Shukor
Farid Shukor 8 ngày trước
he is lying about this video
monster techno
monster techno 8 ngày trước
We live in a time where midranges are better than flagships
BIGBRO PUBG Mobile 8 ngày trước
Corona joined the chat
Alexis Vince
Alexis Vince 8 ngày trước
In my country this phone is almost the same price for an iphone 11 64gb
LogicPvp 8 ngày trước
mi phones are bad, it keep disconnecting the wifi
MrLee27 TV
MrLee27 TV 8 ngày trước
I thought he was linus 🤣🤣🤣
Maehara Keichi
Maehara Keichi 8 ngày trước
Any guys know when the global version will be released?
Aoi Kemono
Aoi Kemono 8 ngày trước
Looks like another cheap and cartoony OLED display by BOE.
Mohammed Wasiuddin
Mohammed Wasiuddin 8 ngày trước
🍎 still stuck @ 12 mpxl.😁🤣
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos 8 ngày trước
Does anybody know if there is a ir blaster in this phone?
max natera
max natera 8 ngày trước
Is this waterproof?
opendebate 8 ngày trước
This phone is so worth it, this dude went all the way to China amid coronavirus.
David Chang
David Chang 8 ngày trước
Wow, looks amazing. I'll pass on Xiaomi. Had the Mi Note 10, software was awful. Thank God I was able to pass it along to my dad.
Infinite JERK
Infinite JERK 8 ngày trước
每次他说小咪咪10 Pro,我都要笑死了
Angelo大安 7 ngày trước
NanNing Li
NanNing Li 8 ngày trước
I look forward to the Samsung s20 series
Powerboy 24
Powerboy 24 8 ngày trước
Samsung phones are far more superior.
InDstructR 8 ngày trước
I almost bought the mi note 10, but then I heard this was about to be released. I cancelled my order and can't wait for it to be released internationally!
CorruptedSS 8 ngày trước
Theyll be next on the gov list to ban. Started with ZTE (bad nremoved) now Huawei. The us doesnt like competition with the two main companies its in bed with. Apple and Samsung. Take down the rising breadwinners, keep geetting all the money and access they want.
Michal T Handzel
Michal T Handzel 8 ngày trước
Hi, any idea when is it going to be realised in UK and where to buy ??? Looking good 👌🏻
A S 9 ngày trước
Punch hole + 1080p 🤢
Dan Blissett
Dan Blissett 9 ngày trước
i noticed icons were not in english can that be changed,as i will buying in Thailand,thanks
Billjohn Sagulo
Billjohn Sagulo 9 ngày trước
Hm is this phone?
Mr Death
Mr Death 9 ngày trước
Hey can anyone tell me what is the price of mi 10 pro
my father
my father 9 ngày trước
Bindass Khabray
Bindass Khabray 9 ngày trước
Stay away from corona 🙏🙏
Badabing Bodaboom
Badabing Bodaboom 9 ngày trước
Don't feel like paying that much for xiaomi phone. It's a great phone, just not a great value. Edit : main reason for not buying is no headphone jack.
Gausts 6 ngày trước
How is it not great value? It's great for a 700$ phone.
mariosgeo2 6 ngày trước
Mini jack had its fun for long time. Now it's big, useless and does only one thing. It's time to move on
mariosgeo2 6 ngày trước
@Badabing Bodaboom some converts might have compatibility with some dacs. Some day the sun might rise from the west. Let's imagine that there are more than 3 people in the world that do actually care about connecting a brand new phone to an archaic dac. What will we do with my also important casette collection? I can't use them in my smartphone. And don't forget the importance of the ir sensor, how will I use my air conditioner now?
Badabing Bodaboom
Badabing Bodaboom 7 ngày trước
@mariosgeo2 the converter has compatibility issues with dacs, amps and codecs, a 3.5 mm jack will easily support upto 100 ohm impedence spikes but usb digital /analog dac if it manages to drive the headphones at all will have volume, limit and bass issues. Also certain audio codecs don't work at all.
mariosgeo2 7 ngày trước
@Badabing Bodaboom you will spend 600+ usd to buy a phone. Sure you can afford a 2$ usb to minijack convert. Which they extend your headphone coord by 2cm. Why people are so dump?
hadikhan63 9 ngày trước
I am tired of full HD panels....Xiaomi should have at least put a 2K screen on this thing....
J N 9 ngày trước
Looks like my Huawei P30 pro. 🤣
David Doyle
David Doyle 8 ngày trước
P30 Pro is better looking. And doesn't have a stupid name haha
hasse booiii
hasse booiii 9 ngày trước
Sad to see an empty phone launch in China, get well soon China...
tomonew03 9 ngày trước
Is it waterproof?
Muhamad Heriyanto
Muhamad Heriyanto 9 ngày trước
Why I look lionel messi unboxing mi phone
Mr. Turkey
Mr. Turkey 9 ngày trước
do snapchat work on this phone?
Glythe Wolford
Glythe Wolford 9 ngày trước
That phone is hungry for being the top 1 smartphone.
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