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Specification :
Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro - Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphones - were launched on Thursday. Both new Mi phones are powered by the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, pack more efficient LPDDR5 RAM, and faster UFS 3.0 storage. The Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro both come with a quad rear camera setup that includes a 108-megapixel main snapper, but the rest of the sensors differ. Notably, the Mi 10 Pro has been awarded a chart-topping score of 124 by DxOMark for its photography prowess, surpassing previous leaders - the Mi Note 10 Pro and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.
Xiaomi Mi 10 price
The Mi 10 price starts at CNY 3,999 (roughly Rs. 40,000) for the base 8GB + 128GB variant, while the 8GB + 256GB model will set buyers back by CNY 4,299 (roughly Rs. 43,000). The Mi 10's top-end 12GB + 256GB version will cost CNY 4,699 (roughly Rs. 47,000). It will be available in Titanium Silver Black, Peach Gold, and Ice Blue colour options. Pre-orders for the Mi 10 start today, and it will go on sale for the first time on February 14 in China. Xiaomi has also launched a cooler attachment priced at CNY 129 (roughly Rs. 1,300). Additionally, the company has introduced a 65W charger that is priced at CNY 149 (roughly Rs. 1,500).
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro price
The Mi 10 Pro price starts at CNY 4,999 (roughly Rs. 50,000) for the 8GB + 256GB variant, while the 12GB + 256GB model will set buyers back by CNY 5,499 (roughly Rs. 55,000). As for the top-of-the-line 12GB + 512GB variant, it is priced at CNY 5,999 (roughly Rs. 60,000). The Mi Pro is now up for pre-order as well, while its first sale will kick off on February 18 in China. It comes in Pearl White and Starry blue colour options. Xiaomi has also launched a protective case that has a small slot for displaying time and notifications. It comes in a single red colour and is priced at CNY 69 (roughly Rs. 700).

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13 Th02, 2020

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NHẬN XÉT 95   
Riza Guiamalon
Riza Guiamalon Ngày trước
I hope someone will answer me, please. Which is better MI 10 or ROG phone2 strix edition?
Tozqi 3 ngày trước
The great 💗🌹
Billy Laws
Billy Laws 3 ngày trước
Hi, I am a developer, is it possible for you to run Gpuinfo vulkan off of the play store and share results. It has lots of info about the GPU that will help with apps. Install play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.saschawillems.vulkancapsviewer then press the upload button. This could help improve game performance.
krupesh333 3 ngày trước
Why robot is doing the phone review
Luca Kaleb
Luca Kaleb 5 ngày trước
Like Xiaomi 10 vs coment SAMGUN OR IPHONE
cœur sur toi
cœur sur toi 5 ngày trước
Is there dual sim in it ?
cœur sur toi
cœur sur toi 5 ngày trước
Someone Just said opposite earlier...
Tech Refreshed
Tech Refreshed 5 ngày trước
Avijit Karmakar
Avijit Karmakar 6 ngày trước
Can we get white colour of this phone?
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 6 ngày trước
How can we get Mi 10 in America?
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 5 ngày trước
@Kratos Not yet
Kratos 5 ngày trước
There is no xiomi in America?
Detriment Earth
Detriment Earth 7 ngày trước
Deffs getting this phone insured when I get it, Mi 10 Pro will probably be with me for a quite a long time
Luís Oliveira
Luís Oliveira 7 ngày trước
Galaxy S20 camera is the same, but zoom and sharpness are better, why Mi10 pro is the king of Dxomark?
Jdjdjej Bdnsnsn
Jdjdjej Bdnsnsn 7 ngày trước
Lies! Mi 10 pro support 50W charging not 65W
SPECS Database
SPECS Database 7 ngày trước
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Specs OS : Android 10.0 Chipset : Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 Display : Super AMOLED, 6.67 inches Front Camera : Single, 20 MP Rear Camera : Quad, 108MP + 20MP + 12MP + 8MP RAM : 8 GB / 12 GB storage : 256 GB / 512 GB Battery : 4,500 mAh full Specs | www.specsz.com/xiaomi-mi-10-pro-specs/ ___
Travlog For Food
Travlog For Food 7 ngày trước
@SPECS Database ohh..i thought its using the same cam as s20 ultra..
SPECS Database
SPECS Database 7 ngày trước
@Travlog For Food No it's not 40MP it's 20MP
Travlog For Food
Travlog For Food 7 ngày trước
Front cam not 40mp?
Izhak Azuka
Izhak Azuka 7 ngày trước
Can u give me phone? My birthday is tomorrow , please
ÊŞĻÅM ŖÀÁFÃŦ 7 ngày trước
How can i buy and ship to eygpt??....😍
tila tii
tila tii 7 ngày trước
the best 2020 phone so far
Jopethtree 7 ngày trước
Do you think is a good idea to upgrade from. The mi8 to the MI note 10? Im interested on the camera capabilities, but I wonder if I'll notice the performance differences.
J TOEICer 7 ngày trước
@Trainer Sami Maybe his priority is on photography so it really depends. Redmi K20 Pro is good for gaming but camera performance is not good compared with the Mi Note 10 Pro.
Jopethtree 7 ngày trước
@Trainer Sami camera is the most important feature for me, so the note 10 is still better than the realme
Trainer Sami
Trainer Sami 7 ngày trước
Jope, buy a Redmi K20 Pro then.. Much better
J TOEICer 7 ngày trước
@JopethtreeIt just basically seems to be the RAM and ROM increase. You get 8GB or RAM instead of 6GB and 256GB if ROM instead of 128GB. If you use storage and want a slight increase of speed and app keeping, the Pro variant should be nice.
Jopethtree 7 ngày trước
@J TOEICer thanks for you answer. Last question, do you know the real difference between the MI note 10 and the pro version? Is it worth this 80$ extra?
Batsha Muhandita
Batsha Muhandita 8 ngày trước
Have it ir blaster ?
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 7 ngày trước
I think it has one, most Xiaomi phones have the ir.
barood3 8 ngày trước
Is this the same xiaome 10 note .i want to know the difference between xiaome 10 pro and xisome 10 note or both r same
Bilal Duyar
Bilal Duyar 8 ngày trước
mi10 and note 10 are very very different quality. For example camera, processor, Ram and many of them. Just look on google.
Of Al
Of Al 8 ngày trước
esperar para esta mirda ni tienen 3.5mm para el audifono
Vlad Bitere
Vlad Bitere 8 ngày trước
Hi ! Can you tall me the price for both in euro € and pounds £ please! Thanks
Nishant bhardwaj
Nishant bhardwaj 7 ngày trước
@Albert Bosch ya it's 750€
Albert Bosch
Albert Bosch 7 ngày trước
@Nishant bhardwaj more like double, it will start around 850€ or 750£
Nishant bhardwaj
Nishant bhardwaj 8 ngày trước
Almost 500€
Dan Blissett
Dan Blissett 9 ngày trước
notice icon and such are in chinese,that can be changed to english ? as i will be buying in Thailand
Tech Refreshed
Tech Refreshed 9 ngày trước
Yes absolutely
Manal 98
Manal 98 9 ngày trước
How about this device security? 🤔
Omari Christir
Omari Christir 7 ngày trước
@Harshit Me and my girlfriend does banking on our xiaomi phone and no problem. I don't see any record of treat using the phone as they have been very security compliant. Question tho, if you don't trust a compliant phone brand, a laptop is better? I mean if it's Mac or Linux it's better slightly than windows but it's quite knowing treats are far greater for laptops than phone especially with ransomware made specifically for computer operating system. It's ok if you are security paranoid but just provide a strong reason when you are advising people.
Harshit 8 ngày trước
People who buy Xiaomi is becoz is it value for money. I have been a Xiaomi user for almost 7 years now. No I wouldn't trust Xiaomi and wouldn't store any sensitive information on the phone. I do all my bank transactions via my laptop.
DARKGOD 8 ngày trước
I have mi 9 t pro with latest security patch update
Omari Christir
Omari Christir 8 ngày trước
@Manal 98 your welcome man
Manal 98
Manal 98 8 ngày trước
@Omari Christir Thank you for replying, you've answered my questions 🙏🏼🌼
Garfie1d73 9 ngày trước
A 720p video for showing off the camera? Come on ...
TheMadDude 3 ngày trước
crying here with my shiny 4k tv xD
SophisticatedMedia 7 ngày trước
Reviewing an 8k Camera in a 720p video. Sounds legit to me :P
Pako Loko
Pako Loko 9 ngày trước
Tengo el Xiaomi 9T pro y no veo gran salto todavía, pero es hermoso🤩 esperaré a que baje el precio y mientras sigo con su hermano menor!!
Kevin Max
Kevin Max 6 ngày trước
Si no ves un gran salto es porque no sabes un demonio sobre telefonos
H'ELL M. 9 ngày trước
I remember when xiaomi mi like to copy iPhone design but this design is like typical design of android phones.
Of Al
Of Al 8 ngày trước
de echo los aple copiaron a xiaomi cuando se lanzo el MI MIX informate y porfavor comprate esas mirda de aple para q tu pais de mirda no se caiga
Ankit Barana
Ankit Barana 9 ngày trước
Most informative video ever
Kadir P.
Kadir P. 9 ngày trước
This or OnePlus 8..
CLASSICAL KS 9 ngày trước
Music name plzzzzz tell me
Hang Navorn
Hang Navorn 9 ngày trước
Did 65w charger work good with phone that supports only 50w?
Hang Navorn
Hang Navorn 7 ngày trước
@Jure Slegel that sound good
Jure Slegel
Jure Slegel 9 ngày trước
only 50w. Dude laptops support 65w. For phone 50w is great. You can put 100w capable charger if phone will pull 50w charger will deliver 50w no problems there.
TechNiCAL Salman,
TechNiCAL Salman, 10 ngày trước
Give me bro,,
Angelou Jay Pastoril
Angelou Jay Pastoril 7 ngày trước
@MR Z mee too
MR Z 9 ngày trước
Give your full address here
Muhacir TV
Muhacir TV 10 ngày trước
GEN_TOOTHLESS 8 ngày trước
Lol this is mi 10 pro it launch on 13 february
GEN_TOOTHLESS 8 ngày trước
What fake?
くらまる 10 ngày trước
J TOEICer 7 ngày trước
見てます!でももしOne Plus 8シリーズでワイヤレス充電があれば使いにくいMIUIやめてOne Plusにしようと思います。今のとこEMUIとOne UI 2.0がお気に入りです。
ソース 濃厚 /Source rich
むかきんぷにたろう 10 ngày trước
Kernel base
Kernel base 10 ngày trước
65w adapter come with ?volt ?amp
BlueberryNeko 8 ngày trước
They said that they only deliver a 50W charger with it
Jure Slegel
Jure Slegel 9 ngày trước
max support for this charger is up to 20v 3.25A. So it can charge almost any device you have at home.
Sadi 007
Sadi 007 10 ngày trước
I thought it provides a 50w charger, md u sharing 65w!!!!! 👎
Detriment Earth
Detriment Earth 7 ngày trước
It does the v high standard with 12GB 512GB thats the one, this Mi 10 Pro he brought is 12GB 256GB
jiao xiaoshi
jiao xiaoshi 10 ngày trước
Higher watt wont cause trouble. Lower ones do.
mazlum dursun
mazlum dursun 10 ngày trước
Adamlar mükemmel telefon Yapmış. Helal olsun sana xiaomi 👍👍
J K 10 ngày trước
Note 10 pro? Who wrote the damn script
HL N 10 ngày trước
0:40 is that an adapter for the 3.5 headphone jack?
Anil paudel
Anil paudel 10 ngày trước
That is splitter not adaptator.
mr. Ivan
mr. Ivan 10 ngày trước
HL N yes
VL DANI 11 ngày trước
yamini punjabi
yamini punjabi 11 ngày trước
Small monster
Ayush Chauhan: Indian Rail Simulator:
The back body of mi note 10 pro is made of glass?
Ayush Chauhan: Indian Rail Simulator:
@Tim Koken thank you brother 🤟🙏
Tim Koken
Tim Koken 11 ngày trước
Yes, otherwise there shouldnt be wireless charging
Khalid Shikalgar
Khalid Shikalgar 11 ngày trước
Wait what ? It supports 50W wired charging with 65W adaptor in box ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Then why did they bundle even a 65W adaptor in box if the phone doesn't support 65W charging ??
Shiba Li
Shiba Li 10 ngày trước
because it also used in Notebook PC
mackz 11 ngày trước
Xiaomi I have read that Xiaomi was not happy with the heat 65w released on the phone, so now before release they chose to slim down the phone to max 50w to prevent problems. The included 65W charger can be used for other equipment as well.
Scnait 11 ngày trước
It is both adapted for Mi 10 pro and Xiaomi laptop. You can use one charger for all your Xiaomi devices.
Tim Koken
Tim Koken 11 ngày trước
So if future xiaomi phones support 65W charging you have 2 adapters
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