Patriots vs. Texans Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019 

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The New England Patriots take on the Houston Texans during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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02 Th12, 2019

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NHẬN XÉT 5 729   
Onion 51 phút trước
I feel like a kid is faster then Tom Brady I mean he feels so slow to me anyone else
timomastosalo 10 giờ trước
What a TD to 27 by the Tex. They just registered to the SB prospects.
DJ Chill Will
DJ Chill Will 3 ngày trước
How does #24 miss the new england running back at 6:56? It's like they were magnets and they're both north poles (science simile).
Daniel Jurado Chavez
Daniel Jurado Chavez 4 ngày trước
Hi bich is
Victoria Hao
Victoria Hao 5 ngày trước
I never and ONLY wAtch football....when the Patriots compete the finals. No fantacys of any kind ,but Tom Brady and the gang..in or out i am IN. Goodluck.
Lyn Holden
Lyn Holden 5 ngày trước
7:56 that police officer was hilarious.
Latrale Harris
Latrale Harris 5 ngày trước
2:40 fastest player in NFL HISTORY tom Brady
Debaser Deducer
Debaser Deducer 6 ngày trước
Lmao Roby broke Brady's ankles.
Sage Locke
Sage Locke 6 ngày trước
*Brady sees Roby coming at full speed* Brady: iight Imma eat this sack up
Maneet parmar
Maneet parmar 6 ngày trước
The dynasty has ended
Chantalan Martinez
Chantalan Martinez 7 ngày trước
Ayeee this game had me edge fr, Texans have hella potential im telling y'all.
Ryan Mindgone
Ryan Mindgone 7 ngày trước
I love him but age catches us all
Ryan Mindgone
Ryan Mindgone 7 ngày trước
Brady must be replaced with youger aggressive QB.... buffalo did the entire team damn near
YungYeev 7 ngày trước
Imagine patriots getting that onside lol Tom would’ve scored a td for sure.
HoobaDooba135 7 ngày trước
Do people not realize the reason why the Texans played so sloppy in the end. It's called garbage time. They let the Patriots do there thing so the Texans could get the ball back and win. That was the plan and it payed off. Should they have done that, no but GO TEXANS!!!!!
Alexander Berman
Alexander Berman 7 ngày trước
I go down and I’m like why is everyone fussing about this kick and then I see it and I’m like ohhh my god... lol
ryan calhoon
ryan calhoon 7 ngày trước
Funny how the patriots ran their mouth about the Texans all day because they wore swat gear and still take the L. Man these pats fans are about to be on another band wagon here soon!!
Julian Padamsey
Julian Padamsey 7 ngày trước
The NFL is rigged.. If u can't see that from this game u crazy. Pats lost on purpose
L P 8 ngày trước
Almost...if the sidekick was recovered ...good game
Steven Undzid
Steven Undzid 8 ngày trước
Brady suck it up!!!! Make it work we need you stop trying to be perfect just make it work!!!!!! Stop trying to teach young receivers just use what you have. Come On Man
Eduardo Rojas Jimenez
Eduardo Rojas Jimenez 8 ngày trước
Ha ha ha ha
Daddy Nunya
Daddy Nunya 8 ngày trước
Wow! They beat the Patriots and the referees!
CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate
GAME OVER #NEvsHOU OPERATION Houston Surprise WIN houstontexans.com was predicted by Me and My #NFLFantasyFootballPartner Lady Kathleen "hey, Corporal. Kate here wearing my nun's habit. Houston WIN was SWEET for our #NFLFantasyFootball thx dearie for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #SaintsLady Credit #SNFonNBC #100NFL 100% RESPECT #HoustonStrong
Damon 23
Damon 23 8 ngày trước
Congrats Texans but how do you beat the Pat's but lose to the jags 🤔🤔🤔
Damon 23
Damon 23 7 ngày trước
@thebransnipeD they lost to them earlier this year just check the score
thebransnipeD 7 ngày trước
they swept the jags? 🧐
X Crane
X Crane 8 ngày trước
*Wow the best team lost to a middle ranking team*
walterlv01 8 ngày trước
Awful closeout by the Texans - can't take them seriously as a contender until they develop some kind of killer instinct. I get that it's the Patriots but you can't dominate a game for 56 minutes and then let a team that was dead in the water almost come back and win if you are going to be a championship team. No matter who the opponent is.
thebransnipeD 7 ngày trước
Hyper Cat
Hyper Cat 8 ngày trước
Ravens and 49ers the best
Cezaleo Luna
Cezaleo Luna 8 ngày trước
My favorite team is the Texans won the patriot
Life style studio
Life style studio 8 ngày trước
Beautiful game🤗, subscribe on my channel for other stuff around world
John Thomas
John Thomas 8 ngày trước
Leo Manjaro
Leo Manjaro 8 ngày trước
These refs are always calling weak calls for new England just to keep them in games n it's cheating the Patriots are done especially brady
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 8 ngày trước
Leo Manjaro no cheating done in this game with the refs, this is pathetic and pretty incoherent
J Del
J Del 9 ngày trước
I still would have tackled Tom Brady even after he slid 😂😂 toughen that Sally up!!
4c1dr3fl3x 9 ngày trước
Brady: I am inevitable Bills: *Snaps fingers*
TheAireaidLord 9 ngày trước
Al Michaels almost jumped off his box seat during that onside kick lmao. Bailey executed it perfectly, Bolden just got overexcited and couldn't get control
thatdoitforth elols guy
thatdoitforth elols guy 9 ngày trước
Texans winning the Super Bowl don't @ me!
rocky west
rocky west 9 ngày trước
Uses his left hand to swat onside kick instead of right hand to grab the ball, 10 iq move
Keegan Murphy
Keegan Murphy 9 ngày trước
Lets Go Houston Texans!
Kevin Alvarez
Kevin Alvarez 9 ngày trước
Patriots are super trash Ngl
Matilde Popot
Matilde Popot 9 ngày trước
They have to win against the chiefs i swear, too much mistakes they cant do that again.
rudeboy mugen
rudeboy mugen 9 ngày trước
Too many PI calls going the Patriots way and still lost
Alfred Feuerstein
Alfred Feuerstein 9 ngày trước
Only touchdown of Brady is when he falls of the cliff😎😭😅
Drew Ronald
Drew Ronald 9 ngày trước
pats are trashcans
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 8 ngày trước
Drew Ronald good trollin
Drew Gunby
Drew Gunby 9 ngày trước
This is the NICEST field I’ve ever had the privilege to lay my eyes upon
Joshua White
Joshua White 9 ngày trước
Nice try Bolden, it's a shame he dont get many snaps on offense..he does in my madden franchise tho! 10-2 about to go play a game! GET HYPE!!!! LEGGGOOOI!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez 9 ngày trước
If he would've caught that, no one was going to stop him😂
Carneil Hall
Carneil Hall 9 ngày trước
Good job Texans.
Carneil Hall
Carneil Hall 9 ngày trước
Tom Brady is a very spoiled athlete but nobody See's that Everytime I see Brady, he's always fussing wit the refs, c'mon Brady u just don't believe in losing any games...Accept it bruh!!!
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 7 ngày trước
Carneil Hall nah he earned that super bowl, no cheating in the big game. Brady has given u no reason to think he can’t accept an L. Those are the facts. You can’t except that
Carneil Hall
Carneil Hall 8 ngày trước
@Eyem Dunn Well bruh I'm just stating my opinion, Brady is what everybody says he is, but i'm not Gon give him all the credit he don't deserve like wit the deflated football but yet the officials still let him win the super bowl he didn't deserve....FACTS
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 8 ngày trước
Carneil Hall that doesn’t make any sense, you don’t know how he handles loses, he accepts his defeats, just like anyone else. Whatever you’re thinking is wrong
Carneil Hall
Carneil Hall 8 ngày trước
@Eyem Dunn That is true but it's just the simple fact that he don't believe in losing like other teams.
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 8 ngày trước
Carneil Hall talking with the refs doesn’t meant he can’t take a loss
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 9 ngày trước
Listen guys this game was about to become a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for the Patriots. That onside kick would've gone through..oooh eeee
Domenic Morello
Domenic Morello 9 ngày trước
Who has any doubt that Tom Brady would have won the game if they had recovered that onside kick? And we would be having a totally different conversation this week.
Puro South
Puro South 9 ngày trước
All the penalties in the world and Patriots still couldn't pull the W
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 10 ngày trước
Brady you slow as hell
S Serdar
S Serdar 10 ngày trước
Pats: Houston we got a problem, our Brady module is broken!!!!
Rodolfo Garza JR
Rodolfo Garza JR 10 ngày trước
Texans rebuild secondary looks really good
alisuo toko
alisuo toko 10 ngày trước
Texans: Looks at Brady weird Officials: "Personal foul. Roughing the passer on the defense. 15 yard penalty."
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 10 ngày trước
Brady power walking for the firstdown. lmao!
之后夏天 10 ngày trước
Tom Brady top pass selection always be edelman 😅😅😅 should go more with white... He definitely being underestimated and should gain the 2016 super bowl mvp
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy 10 ngày trước
Brady runs like a giraffe.
Joe Tee
Joe Tee 10 ngày trước
Brady screamed at his receivers but his ass never moves out the pocket and put pressure on the defense ever!! So essentially the defense has an extra guy to blitz, drop back in coverage because he's always been too chicken sh*t to run! How about helping your teammates Tommy??
M H 10 ngày trước
First time watching Brady play? He is not a scrambling qb. He slides around the pocket. He is a pure pocket passer. Why does everyone think a QB should be running the ball? Thats how you get injured. They have a rb for a reason. Him scrambling is not going to help his receivers if they can't get open against man to man all night.
Prince 94
Prince 94 10 ngày trước
What happend to jj watt
alisuo toko
alisuo toko 10 ngày trước
That Texans offense 🔥🔥
okow tina
okow tina 10 ngày trước
MrAMYJACK 10 ngày trước
Well the guys in white are a team that has the spirit to win
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic 10 ngày trước
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