Mac Miller - Circles 

Mac Miller
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Circles is available now: wr.lnk.to/circles
Directed by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford
Produced by language.la
Photos by Justin Boyd

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17 Th01, 2020

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NHẬN XÉT 8 287   
naippes Giờ trước
been listening to the album non stop
Justin Jarvis
Justin Jarvis 5 giờ trước
"End up right at the start of the line" coke reference? Possibly.. 🤔🤔
Fakush Beats
Fakush Beats 11 giờ trước
I hope you dont keep swimming in circles, RIP legend
MrPoopy ButtHole
MrPoopy ButtHole 16 giờ trước
Mann I’ve already heard this many times but I’m still sheddin tears, RIP felt like I knew you could type forever man, hope everyone’s ok stay safe
that guy
that guy 18 giờ trước
This man had something to say. You were more than just a rapper Mac, you brought humanity through our speakers. The world lost a friend when you left.
Cash Walker
Cash Walker 19 giờ trước
Wish he woulda stuck around to make more music like this. Miss yah Mac.
Demariaeuu Buchanan
Demariaeuu Buchanan Ngày trước
Bryanna Ray
Bryanna Ray Ngày trước
This song is his goodbye... to the ones he loves , even his fans. We’re feeling sorry he passed but he’s fine now :( so sad! This album is so powerful can’t stop listening ... Rest In Peace Mac Miller ❤️
Tara f
Tara f Ngày trước
Miss you mac♡♡ so much
Aarav NANDEDKAR Ngày trước
Mac you will never die remember don’t forget him u forget him he’s dead :(
Alejandro Guzman
Alejandro Guzman Ngày trước
Mi rola favorita
Sean Wheble
Sean Wheble Ngày trước
Bless you Mac.🙏🏻Your words will carry on throughout the years. Thank you🍀We miss you🤘🏻
John Vanspronsen
John Vanspronsen Ngày trước
"It keeps going around like the hands, I keep counting the time.. drawing circles... "
mccoybullit Ngày trước
Eliseo Soto
Eliseo Soto 3 ngày trước
thank u for everything, mac. listening to u when i was only in 1st or 2nd grade listening to ‘best day ever’ and just enjoying life to now, knowing ur gone just hurts but in the position i’m in now and the things i’m experiencing as a freshman, shit’s been getting so hard, this is the perfect album to leave me on my birthday. RIP 1992-2018 ❤️
The Mainprize
The Mainprize 3 ngày trước
"The grim reaper sips Gatorade Does he hold his spade at the gate or aid enemies I'm recycling the shit that bothers me"
Erio Touwa
Erio Touwa 3 ngày trước
I thought I wanted songs from faces to be played at my funeral when its finally my time to find peace.. but man.. circles shitted on all of that. So glad I actually lived long enough to hear this peaceful music.
tha boo
tha boo 3 ngày trước
Vilttoni 3 ngày trước
I hope we could all realize the potential we have for good, for love, for the betterment of our surroundings. You matter SO much
Mason Paul
Mason Paul 3 ngày trước
I’m not okay💔💔😭
Stephen 3 ngày trước
*im not crying, you are*
Abimbola Balogun
Abimbola Balogun 4 ngày trước
Abimbola Balogun
Abimbola Balogun 4 ngày trước
theres nothing about him that isnt beautiful. Rest in peace MAC
Octavius Cochran
Octavius Cochran 4 ngày trước
Am I the only one...this song makes me have a good feeling on life and death
bob smith
bob smith 4 ngày trước
I honestly(and maybe sadly) can say that this image looks so peaceful compared to my life. Maybe it's not so bad.
Sergio Rubio
Sergio Rubio 4 ngày trước
Macsterpiece this one 🙏😇
Dewald 4 ngày trước
David Chaves
David Chaves 4 ngày trước
This is what i look like right before you fall. Deep
LousyDevotee916 4 ngày trước
Going through my own addictions rn, about to head out to a sober living tonight.. please pray for me
Trenton Espinosa
Trenton Espinosa 4 ngày trước
love you mac
Richard J Scott
Richard J Scott 5 ngày trước
my dad passed away 3 months ago and i hope he is ok up there
KILLA B 4 ngày trước
Richard J Scott yeah his doing good ! Just need to stay strong!
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 5 ngày trước
This is perfection....damn son.
Tyson Vincent
Tyson Vincent 5 ngày trước
Rip I know he Gone thought we need to understand this he put his heart and his soul into this music is a part of us now
Alyxen 5 ngày trước
everytime i listen to Mac it feels like he's still alive somewhere on the earth, puffing on a smoke, having a good time, writing music, translating emotions...
Cheeky Cheekz
Cheeky Cheekz 5 ngày trước
Drawlin’ circles. Those little 2 words in this song are butter smooth
Camryn Emeri
Camryn Emeri 5 ngày trước
Anyone here from Schlatt?
whatever forever
whatever forever 5 ngày trước
Ever since I really got what he was about on Faces, it's like his releases have always had something to teach me. This album is like Mac reassuring us after Swimming, like he wanted to take a step back and tell us it's all gonna be okay. I really needed that I'm still out here blessing you Mac, rest easy.
Tonni Ruiz
Tonni Ruiz 6 ngày trước
R.I.P Mac Miller 🙏
GORGEOUS P.WET.E 6 ngày trước
damn... shit aint right.. but i best get over it :)
Ruby Dacherry
Ruby Dacherry 6 ngày trước
Khan Fuse
Khan Fuse 6 ngày trước
Long time fan. Listened to this album at least 15 times from beginning to finish but I like to think that even if I stumbled upon this album I would do the same thing. Masterpiece Mac! So sad.
AreDee 6 ngày trước
Man some of these people listen to this song upside down hitting the dislike button thinking it was the thumbs up
Tim The Comet
Tim The Comet 6 ngày trước
Miss You Mac, you’re forever an inspiration to me and my music🙏🏿😓
나는누구일까? 7 ngày trước
외힙갤 보고 왔다 손 ㅎ
메렁 7 ngày trước
Well, this is what it look like, right before you fall 죽기 직전에는 이런 기분이구나 Stumblin' around, you been guessing your direction, except you can't see at all 앞은 보이지도 않는데 이리저리 치이며 갈피를 못 잡을 때 And I don't have a name, I don't have a name, no 남길 이름마저도 없는 것 같아, 남길 이름마저도 Who am I to blame? Who am I to blame? No 그렇다고 내가 누굴 탓할까, 누굴 탓해 And I cannot be changed, I cannot be changed, no, trust me, I've tried 사람은 안 변한단 말도 맞네, 맞아, 나도 노력은 해봤지 I just end up right at the start of the line, drawin' circles, mhm 결국 한 바퀴 돌아 모든 걸 시작했던 그 자리에 서 있어 I drank my whiskey, you sip your wine 내가 위스키를 털어 넘길 때 너는 홀짝이던 와인 (역주: 내가 인생을 허비할 때 남들은 천천히 즐김) We're doing well, sittin' watchin' the world fallin' down its decline 각자의 방식으로 잘 사는 거지 세상이 무너져가는 걸 지켜보면서 I can keep you safe, I can keep you safe 나라도 널 지켜줄게, 지켜줄게 Do not be afraid, do not be afraid 걱정은 하지 마, 걱정은 You're feeling sorry, I'm feeling fine 신경 쓰지 않아도 돼, 나는 괜찮으니까 Don't you put any more stress on yourself, it's one day at a time 너무 스스로를 옥죄이지 않아도 돼, 한 발짝씩 나아가면 되는 거야 It's gettin' pretty late, gettin' pretty late and that's fine 많이 늦은 것 같아도, 그래도 다 괜찮아 It goes around like the hands that keep countin' the time, drawin' circles 계속해서 돌아가는 시계처럼 그렇게 돌아가는 거야
Troy Grafe
Troy Grafe 7 ngày trước
I didn’t know it was possible to feel so close to someone who you didn’t have the chance to meet and never will. His music has been a great part of my life since the beginning. Every single day Starts with Mac 🔑🔓✌🏻❤️
J B 7 ngày trước
Miss you Mac!
ola ajayi
ola ajayi 7 ngày trước
Very happy because this is the kind of album intro Mac would have wanted, He was real picky about his album intros lol. everything had to resonate for him. RIP Mac
Ishiita Pal
Ishiita Pal 8 ngày trước
I love each and every song in here 💕
Kane Allen
Kane Allen 8 ngày trước
That would be cool if y'all conceived to a track off of devine feminine
Mia D
Mia D 8 ngày trước
In case no one has told you today, you are loved. You have purpose. You are divine and you are appreciated. Love you my brothers and sisters
Luis Lobo
Luis Lobo 8 ngày trước
NUBLADO 8 ngày trước
I loved this direction albiet sad sounding but my personal favorite sounding with mac cause his happy shit i couldnt relate to. This honesty is what is lacking in alot of artists✌
Ben Coleman NAV
Ben Coleman NAV 8 ngày trước
I'll bet his mom loves to hear his voice making new songs
JUSTIN R. AVALOS 8 ngày trước
Macs partying hard on fifth ave . ♥️ we miss you and love you angel !!!! 🥺🥺🥺🌈
JUSTIN R. AVALOS 8 ngày trước
My mac was saying goodbye to us 😢😢😢🌈
Gregory McCreary
Gregory McCreary 8 ngày trước
Much love to everyone ❤️🥰
MyDogAndMe Nipdog
MyDogAndMe Nipdog 8 ngày trước
say mac miller is an awsome singer
Léon Debost
Léon Debost 8 ngày trước
Magic Miller ❤️❤️
White Guy Da Vinci
White Guy Da Vinci 8 ngày trước
this particular song didn't make me cry when i first heard it, like some of the other ones on the album. But I keep hearing this in my head and thinking about how talented, creative and passionate Mac was, and I just keep crying everytime now.
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