Living on my Own 

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Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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Kevin Mcleod

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01 Th12, 2019

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NHẬN XÉT 14 107   
SomeThingElseYT 13 ngày trước
I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. creatorink.co/seyt-yt You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something
Xd Bandz
Xd Bandz 7 giờ trước
Why didn’t you go to a hotel?
BLUEfire_ wolf
BLUEfire_ wolf 16 giờ trước
I already know what am i going to eat when i move out PANCAKESSSS CUZ THEY ARE EASY TO MADEE
frenchfrygirl Ngày trước
I finished Luigi's mansion 3 and it was amazing and I restarted the game and I want to get all the gems and all the money
Muhammad Nathan
Muhammad Nathan Ngày trước
Hi trolldawgz or adam
cup.__. cake
cup.__. cake 2 ngày trước
bro your Lit!
SSJ3XAVIERB 3 giờ trước
Haha this bi**h better have SAMOAS Gets attacked by paper
ZeeXy 3 giờ trước
I looked at my door when it knocked
Vineet Pathania
Vineet Pathania 4 giờ trước
try watching this in speed 2, it's hilarious!!!
Maiko Meraz
Maiko Meraz 4 giờ trước
we just gonna ignore Adams broken coffee table and new puppy?
Amy Elizondo
Amy Elizondo 5 giờ trước
i can tell its hard expecaly with two kids oh my lord
Tiffany Weaver
Tiffany Weaver 6 giờ trước
i hate it when my siblings drink all the chocolate milk
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis 6 giờ trước
Going to get chocolate milk hearing 'idk mom did you find my god da** chocky milk yet' sitting back down (only reason i made this comment was because i had chocky milk while watching this) hehe lol
Qwerty Qwerty
Qwerty Qwerty 6 giờ trước
"Chalky milk"
Jakub animations
Jakub animations 7 giờ trước
1 like =1 RIP for the IKEA coffee table.
Mîşťý Vìøłëť Šťøřïêş
2:58 Did AnYone Notice Bakugo Poster In BackGround x3
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis 7 giờ trước
Adam: this is all i have Me: *gets bulldozer* Adam:so eh weres my money Me: i spent it so i could play eny meany miney mo Adam: kill me Hey mom weres the god da** chocky milk Adams mom: were do you think Adam: im gong to live in chocky milk store
awesomedude 555
awesomedude 555 7 giờ trước
4:19 So what's it like being in a Kojima game?
Javier Rios
Javier Rios 7 giờ trước
choco milk is god tomato soup is sh** life is good now that u know the universal rules
Moonlight Gacha
Moonlight Gacha 8 giờ trước
Another example that school teaches you nothing
Genalynn Bacarro
Genalynn Bacarro 8 giờ trước
Oh make ur mom thro up dat jockey MILK MAN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎
Gecky 42
Gecky 42 9 giờ trước
Wow that voice for the kid is ahah I it’s cool I guess
ClapMotion 2020
ClapMotion 2020 9 giờ trước
ClapMotion 2020
ClapMotion 2020 9 giờ trước
but like, no hetero or anything
I misread the title as "coming out" :p
JOHN BELLEGANTE 11 giờ trước
SomethingelseYt: talking about stuff Door: Knock knock... Next minute. Goes off task living on his own with groceries. Next second: in military school
Little kitty Scourge UwU
Little kitty Scourge UwU 11 giờ trước
Oof when I grow up ima try to get a house with a gud job because that sounds hard to live on ur own 🥺👋
Gary Martinez
Gary Martinez 12 giờ trước
What is it like to be a VIvidsr
JazzyMelonPop :3
JazzyMelonPop :3 12 giờ trước
This is for you since your moving. vivids.info/video/Zq3DoarbkrmBpc8.html
chopstix102 13 giờ trước
James Skiles
James Skiles 13 giờ trước
I love your vids
James Skiles
James Skiles 13 giờ trước
Adam your dope
Andiepeyn 14 giờ trước
Lol at 8:20 is relatable.
Oliwia Ciesielska
Oliwia Ciesielska 14 giờ trước
I saw that bakugo poster
Carys Cool last name
Carys Cool last name 14 giờ trước
I Love Your New Art Style Adam!
Sky Seal
Sky Seal 14 giờ trước
I'ma do enny meeny miny mo to choose all my important decisions. 😃👍
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