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Danny Gonzalez
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This just in: this Justin
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on VIvids, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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16 Th01, 2020

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NHẬN XÉT 23 699   
makenna eh
makenna eh Tháng trước
i think the biggest problem about justin’s yummy was that there wasn’t any walugi “waahs”
Gwen R.
Gwen R. 5 giờ trước
waahhhhhhhhhhhhh!= every thing good. dont tell me not
cITYWITNOPITy 10 giờ trước
@Mom you REALLY RICK ROLL ME .. -_-
d3qp34fjg4gi5sjg Idksorp5
d3qp34fjg4gi5sjg Idksorp5 2 ngày trước
Sxturn 2 ngày trước
Im Gay
Im Gay 3 ngày trước
joelh this isn’t Reddit srry bro
༄cozy potato༄
༄cozy potato༄ Giờ trước
Cam UOR 2 giờ trước
His wife is pregnant, the child is the yummy, the wife has the yummy yummy. She has twins
ComicSSerbian XD
ComicSSerbian XD 4 giờ trước
Why does your song sound better then his? I like your song even tho it is a joke. All your songs are good in a weird way.
Francesca Ladislao
Francesca Ladislao 5 giờ trước
Danny’s version is actually so much better than the original
Brokenne 5 giờ trước
My girlfriend left me
Eben Rogers
Eben Rogers 5 giờ trước
I was watching this and my mom looked over and said "he needs to grow into his nose"
BrettTheLad on Youtube
BrettTheLad on Youtube 6 giờ trước
10:56 BOY you got that yummy yum, that yummy yum, that yummy yummy
Star-Lord 9 giờ trước
Star-Lord 9 giờ trước
I really hope that was a reference to the Kids Bop quiz
Prince_7557 14 giờ trước
So basically the song is a over produced VIvids video
sad gay girl
sad gay girl 14 giờ trước
" thats why they call me neat dan" i died
AVOLCANO 16 giờ trước
It’s so ironic that everything about danny’s songs is so much better than justins😂😂😂
Cool Dust
Cool Dust 16 giờ trước
2:28 2:48 3:57 10:51
0mar Beats
0mar Beats 19 giờ trước
subscribed and turned on notifications. am i greg now?
GeneHighlights 23 giờ trước
LOLOL, it took 6 writers to write YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YOUR MY YUMMY YUM
OWEN GILES Ngày trước
*ima eat your fuckin shirt*
Double extra large Fry
Double extra large Fry Ngày trước
Ok neat Dan
Pruthvi Ngày trước
“ Sing the word in the song” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sleepy Bear
Sleepy Bear Ngày trước
Lol look: What are babies? Messy The food fight to yummy what is that? Messy So is he saying that his wife is Messy? (Please don’t come for me I just had a thought😂)
plump_stupid_squad Ngày trước
yummy yummy yum, this song sounds like it just came out my bom
e93 Ngày trước
Your version of the song is a loooot better than Justin's. Tbh Justin's song sucks.
Navneet Ngày trước
The song was a hit? Like a lot of people listened to it and liked it. *DUNNO WHY*
Navneet Ngày trước
What's wrong with calling your wife a male horse?
toasty tv
toasty tv Ngày trước
I just watched this entire video again in .25 playback speed and I’m genuinely terrified.
Aniah Johnson
Aniah Johnson Ngày trước
Ziza Hasibuan
Ziza Hasibuan Ngày trước
Josephine Serrano
Josephine Serrano 2 ngày trước
Who else thinks that this song is better then Justin Bieber’s
OfficialSneakerheadOSH 2 ngày trước
lil nas x also did sooooo much videos for old town road he even did an emoji video
SashDaMeme 2 ngày trước
plot twist: justin bieber eats babies
Rapid Doggo's
Rapid Doggo's 2 ngày trước
No I have miss disliked video It's a wild craft update ideal video I can't draw okay don't believe me just because I can't draw *relizen I made amazing drawing of a border collie and cut it out perfectly* well I just can't draw like wild craft skins
Riley 19 giờ trước
Rapid Doggo's wot
Yari Abigail X3
Yari Abigail X3 2 ngày trước
I like owl city
Goat The Gay
Goat The Gay 2 ngày trước
Justin looks like your creepy uncle
Allie Purple
Allie Purple 2 ngày trước
Is his wife pregnant? It would explain the funny food in the video like weird cravings for a pregnant woman and the baby photos haha maybe this is old news, I'm not caught up haha
Lando Mando
Lando Mando 2 ngày trước
If you wanna hear a good song listen to help let me go
jlyxx 2 ngày trước
Omg ngl his version of yummy is so much more poppin than justins 😂😂
Itsx Only
Itsx Only 2 ngày trước
I think Danny should make a video regarding this vivids.info/video/q73XfqvUbZWWsds.html and I also think you guys should watch it I don't think Justin is a pedophile at all I think he's trying to expose those pedophiles just watch the video
Dana Rhodes
Dana Rhodes 2 ngày trước
Jistin Bieber: STREAM MY SONG YUMMY!! Me: Ends up streaming BTS Black Swan. 😆😆
Ju Z
Ju Z 2 ngày trước
Oh shit i forgot to download his song on iTunes
J Girl
J Girl 2 ngày trước
God... please hit it from the back... I think I had too much wine... lol
Start A Movement
Start A Movement 3 ngày trước
"BABY got a body like a dead fish." - Danny Gonzalez
Matxha tea owl
Matxha tea owl 3 ngày trước
'Please treat me like a human, i'm not a piece of meat' *Lowkey kind of deep* 😌
I'm so done with this shit
i literally haven't listened to it but ive probably heard it on tik tok without realizing it
Jovie Flavin
Jovie Flavin 3 ngày trước
i was looking at my boyfriends story on snap and then THERE WAS A YUMMY AD
elena gospodinova
elena gospodinova 3 ngày trước
Tbh you're parody of Yummy is better the Justin's
Random American
Random American 3 ngày trước
Anyone else see the conspiracy of this song, bring about Hollywood elite being pedos?
Omer Shmueli-Bino
Omer Shmueli-Bino 3 ngày trước
Yo danny your song kinda fire tho
Gravity Exility
Gravity Exility 3 ngày trước
You got the yummy yum the yummy yum
Ritya Nanduri
Ritya Nanduri 3 ngày trước
i watched a 7 min add for Danny. if that isn't dedication, idek what is
Vekho Chizo
Vekho Chizo 3 ngày trước
C'mmon. how come you pick a global star who has been singing his whole life. How come your yummy is better then his?
Pebbles Windy
Pebbles Windy 3 ngày trước
What law did that horse break? The question of the century.🤔
мσяgαиιѕм ρєfιfєя
This kind of sounds like propaganda not gonna lie
Avery Rose
Avery Rose 3 ngày trước
Justins song: took 6 writers to make Danny, an intellectual: didn't take 6 writers to make
lauren kay
lauren kay 3 ngày trước
the neat part haha
Krista Jean
Krista Jean 3 ngày trước
He has to get it to number 1 because his Ex was up there. Maybe. Idk. I feel like T Swifty and Biebs be giving the same vibes nowadays. The "you have to like my song" vibes.
WonderBros 3 ngày trước
oh my god i would actually listen to his parody all-day lol
Kelly Knaak
Kelly Knaak 4 ngày trước
‘Crazy horse don’t hurt me please’ has got me dying
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 4 ngày trước
This feels like when Lil Nas X started posting old town road everywhere
Anessa Love
Anessa Love 4 ngày trước
Definitely would stream your song before listening to “Yummy” on Spotify.
Ary RaeZs
Ary RaeZs 4 ngày trước
P1ZZ4G4T3 conspiracy *-* also... i don't like Bieber's music xdxd
Sonic Vitriol
Sonic Vitriol 4 ngày trước
It's showbiz, of course justin has no control over any of this stuff. I mean maybe he kinda does now because he is very famous and important for the label he's in, but none of this stuff is usually controlled or planned by an artist. Do you really think the label would put millions into producing and promoting this song and trust justin bieber's marketing ideas? Of course not, there is a lot of money at play here, nothing is an accident
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