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Samenvatting van het Europa League-duel tussen Manchester United en AZ (4-0) op Old Trafford in Manchester.
Scoreverloop: 53. Young 1-0, 58. Greenwood 2-0, 62. Mata (pen.) 3-0, 64. Greenwood 4-0.
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Opstelling Manchester United: Sergio Romero; Ashley Young (67. Phil Jones), Axel Tuanzebe, Harry Maguire (67. Ethan Laird), Brandon Williams; James Garner, Nemanja Matic; Andres Pereira, Juan Mata, Mason Greenwood; Anthony Martial (59. Tahith Chong).
Opstelling AZ: Marco Bizot; Jonas Svensson, Jordy Clasie, Stijn Wuytens, Owen Wijndal; Fredrik Midtsjø, Calvin Stengs, Teun Koopmeiners; Yukinari Sugawara (67. Ron Vlaar), Dani de Wit (63. Ferdy Druijf), Oussama Idrissi (77. Thomas Ouwejan).

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12 Th12, 2019

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James Lay
James Lay 22 ngày trước
FIFA Monstah
FIFA Monstah Tháng trước
Honestly you should have kept Jahanbasksh because he was legit messi for you guys but you sold the leagues top scorer for 12 mil to Brighton
FIFA Monstah
FIFA Monstah 10 ngày trước
@Gues Who looking back at this I take it back lol. I feel like Jahanbasksh just scored the goal of the decade!
Gues Who
Gues Who Tháng trước
@FIFA Monstah True, that also happend with Jansen great tallent on the virge of making it big, tottenham wanted him , and never used him. Now hes in mexico and is a star,.. The real sad thing is it happens every year, greedy clubs buying players that are not ready or players that want to make a name in an other league after one good season, 2006/2007 a great team lost in the last match day they league titel 2008/2009 won the league and had many internationals and other great players. like Romero now keeper of Man united and has to play second keeper role. The only way for smaller leagues and teams to keep their players is what the belgians propose a Beneliga. all the clubs of the 2 leagues in 1 or 2 combined leagues. making it more expensive for other leagues and clubs to buy their players. And combined more Uefa points to get more confirmed european spots. in the champions league and europa leagues.
FIFA Monstah
FIFA Monstah Tháng trước
@Gues Who it's so annoying cause they don't even USE him. It's so BS cause AV lost their best player and Brighton aren't even using him. It's dumb. I bet if they kept him they would have been winning the league
Gues Who
Gues Who Tháng trước
@FIFA Monstah Yeah that was then this is now , greedy little clubs with no youth academy , like all english clubs buy every player in sight, Now we got Stengs , Boadu Idrissi and koopmeinders scoring. and more youngster comming trhough. Boadu 28 games, 18 goals 11 asists this season so far i say hes doing just fine just like the others
FIFA Monstah
FIFA Monstah Tháng trước
@Gues Who he was a BEAST for them. LITERALLY A GOAL MACHINE
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu Tháng trước
Viva united viva💪💪💪💪
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule Tháng trước
greenwood is the real deal what a talent.
tim meijer
tim meijer Tháng trước
when you play against Manchester united and get 1 million views on your VIvids channel👌👌😂😂
inder jeet
inder jeet Tháng trước
Greenwood far better than dancing pogba. Enjoy watching greenwood. Confident and simple play
Julien Bateba
Julien Bateba Tháng trước
What wrong with lingard even Greenwood is better than him....
bụi đời danh vô
bụi đời danh vô Tháng trước
hello 👋👋👋
Sachin J S
Sachin J S Tháng trước
Any team can win against Man Utd. Man Utd still need to bring in 2 strong Midfielders.. Fred and Mctominay can't perform every week. And a creative play maker for lingard.. Haaland is not required.. We have greenwood, Rashford, martial
Khalifah Leak Aji
Khalifah Leak Aji Tháng trước
Otaknya pemain Masih belum cerdas, dalam mencari posisi permainannya&umpan crosing
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Tháng trước
One of the shittist team in the Dutch league and you red shits are exited fuck off
Gues Who
Gues Who Tháng trước
Joker, if so they wouldnt be joined first place , and outscored manunited in goals and in eufa points, they only lost 3 games this year 2 with big numbers , and still have fewer goals gainst than united in all competitions.
AZ Alkmaar S
AZ Alkmaar S Tháng trước
AZ is a really good team you are probably a guy who only watch highlights because there as good as Ajax
Rival Ferdinand
Rival Ferdinand Tháng trước
Respect AZ
muhammad hussain
muhammad hussain Tháng trước
Nice played Manchester United♡
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya Tháng trước
I understand stand Mata is old and might be slow, but look at how many times the finds space in between the lines. 2 assists and a goal.
David  Morris
David Morris Tháng trước
Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools!
Ike Ike
Ike Ike Tháng trước
Mata spanyol
Joe Goh
Joe Goh Tháng trước
Greenwood is our very own Joao Felix!
uro Tháng trước
yo chong is rubbish
Maulid Mussa
Maulid Mussa Tháng trước
Mazoezi ya Siam
Wayne Looney
Wayne Looney Tháng trước
Ole out
Essi Evanz
Essi Evanz Tháng trước
Greenwood is not anywhere near van persie's caliber but he has a lot of potential to be a great WF not a CF . RVP was a Criminally Deadly CF bcuz of his built and physicality to protect the ball and make passes to wingers and cover ground to reach the six yard box to score . Mason is more like a RWF or RM the likes of Nani or Januzai Respectively. He can play as second CF like Louis Saha , Solskjaér and Chicarito and Tevez but I still think he is deadliest cutting in from right flank plus he is two footed which makes him quite deadly when dribbling toward WBs and Cutting in towards CBs with his close ball skills and tricks making it easy to spot wan bissaka or Luke shaw making overlaps or play a through pass to martial or rashford or go for goal himself
Chan Chan
Chan Chan Tháng trước
Tough defeat to take but you lots played really well and also deserved to make it out of the groups
Rajvirr Purii
Rajvirr Purii Tháng trước
You guys played well 👍
Samuel Isa
Samuel Isa Tháng trước
Greenwood is absolute the best Young academy player of Manchester this Guy is unstoppable..
Delano Blanco
Delano Blanco Tháng trước
Man united is taking for ever to put their video out weekly😔
Gues Who
Gues Who Tháng trước
Its hard to find positive footage.
aa a
aa a Tháng trước
Phim và giải trí
Phim và giải trí Tháng trước
Greenwood look like Van Persie
clifton Zumba
clifton Zumba Tháng trước
My team keeping playing good tomorrow
D L Tháng trước
Idriss and Stengs were really great. Much respect.
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot Tháng trước
Greenwood should give long term contract from United.!
Viettrung Truong
Viettrung Truong Tháng trước
Still got a lot work to do,but well done lads.hope to see man utd in europa league final
hendrik desasa
hendrik desasa Tháng trước
Kan je wel zeuren bij die 2-0.. hij had de bal al 3 keer af kunnen spelen!
Parallax Tháng trước
Juice WRLD rip
Hieu Nguyenvan
Hieu Nguyenvan Tháng trước
Where is my Bailly
Nova Fultz1813
Nova Fultz1813 Tháng trước
Fair Play. You guys played really well but sadly couldnt get the result you wanted. Good Luck in the Knockout stages!
Xabi Cat
Xabi Cat Tháng trước
They all city fans now :) Long may the downfall continue :)
saadaq cosoble
saadaq cosoble Tháng trước
Az alkamar fantastic team from somalia 👌✋✋✋
Suka Piknik
Suka Piknik Tháng trước
Mantap!! Good job MU
ceo of racism
ceo of racism Tháng trước
stengs was good
Syno Osprey
Syno Osprey Tháng trước
Congratulations on makeing it past the group stage u played great just shut of for 15 in the 2nd half
Marcus Franconium
Marcus Franconium 14 ngày trước
better shutting of in a game that doesnt matter than losing in the knock out stages , AZ playes championsleague next year man united europa league qualifiers.
zulfikar fikry
zulfikar fikry Tháng trước
4:13 mata doesnt ego when he can shoot to hisself
24 Tháng trước
Matic Mata Greenwood top notch
Омурбек Сайпидинов
Матич тоже играл очень важный и ключевой роль естественно
Culun orang
Culun orang Tháng trước
now, romero better than de gea
Stijn H
Stijn H Tháng trước
Overtreding waaruit de tweede doelpunt voort kwam en de overtreding waarvoor de penalty werd gegeven waren vrijwel identiek. Slaat nergens op en ik ben geneens een AZ fan
Emmanuel Arthur
Emmanuel Arthur Tháng trước
Real United fun but referee didn't judge well for the second goal it was supposed to be foul.Good work done
sF H
sF H Tháng trước
Ole out... erik ten hag in... van der sar in as sports director
Jesse Kamau
Jesse Kamau Tháng trước
Low driven shot from Mason that guy is so composed
cak sontong
cak sontong Tháng trước
Love you guys I'm Manchester Man
texas Operations
texas Operations Tháng trước
Greenwood play lyk Van persie
PooBrainHorse Tháng trước
He is my partner and also my lover.
Agung Pambudi
Agung Pambudi Tháng trước
Very very good highlights 👍
Yousef Mahfouz
Yousef Mahfouz Tháng trước
Second goal was a clear foul. But manchester United always get var decisions and penalties going their way. It is what it is. Big clubs are almost always corrupt and buy favours.
Gues Who
Gues Who Tháng trước
Well they didnt do them self a favour , as they are now in the tough side of the draw. while AZ and Ajax got it relativly easy,
Chhuana Tlaubualchhuak
Chhuana Tlaubualchhuak Tháng trước
Mason greenwood... He is always calm and love to score goals... I looks easy for him to score goals
Hileni Hangero
Hileni Hangero Tháng trước
glad seeing Mata being that guy again!!!
ĐH Media
ĐH Media Tháng trước
Mu will win final of europa league
Renno Erwandi
Renno Erwandi Tháng trước
why not write the score in the title?
Renno Erwandi
Renno Erwandi Tháng trước
@moosje1000 owhhh
moosje1000 Tháng trước
@Renno Erwandi all the dutch football channels never writes the score in the title
Renno Erwandi
Renno Erwandi Tháng trước
@moosje1000 is it because of the az alkmaar channel, it's a shame to write the score of the match where the team loses
moosje1000 Tháng trước
milner3 Tháng trước
utd got lucky....
Jordan Devlin
Jordan Devlin Tháng trước
Dutch is such a weird and wonderful language. I feel like I can understand what is being said but can’t at the same time.
Lucezzz Tháng trước
English and Dutch are a family in languages
VrijeManRots Tháng trước
Same Germanic roots eh :)
Sven Chevrolet
Sven Chevrolet Tháng trước
Jordan Devlin Dutch is actually the easiest language to learn for native English speakers.
Danté Thenu
Danté Thenu Tháng trước
Its something else for sure 😂
Jan Hutte
Jan Hutte Tháng trước
Heerlijk wedstrijd nu Ajax er overheen met forse cijfers🤣
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