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01 Th12, 2019

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jennifer le
jennifer le 3 phút trước
I don’t think u deserve your fans but with out fame I truly don’t know what else you’d do bc your family already has fame
Shalom Antony
Shalom Antony 26 phút trước
Brave: people going through life threatening diseases and talking about it to help people on youtube/ survivors of accidents, abusive relationships, disasters/ people who have left cults to save themselves or their families and loved ones/ yters using the platform to help and change the world Not brave: this girl and this video
Melissa Bentley
Melissa Bentley 49 phút trước
i am living for the comments on here! so funny!
Antonio Giờ trước
Donkey!! There you go.... America's finest!! Maybe the Kardashian's can give you a spot on their show, you would fit right in with that intelligent bunch!
Lars Tanctum
Lars Tanctum Giờ trước
Suggestion for a new line of prison wear....... "Olivia Jailed".
Roxanne Miller
Roxanne Miller 2 giờ trước
Olivia ignore the TROLL "MEAN" comments on here and go ahead and get back on with your daily life. You are not to blame for what happened choices were made without your knowledge so you can't be the one blamed. You go ahead & come back to You Tube & you'll see their are people with actual brains that do not blame you for what other people did & realize that you could not control a situation that you knew nothing about.
Jay 2 giờ trước
Your comment section is poison. Turn it off. Got me feeling sorry for you when I really don't want to be. Just saying folks, no ones going to forget her legacy anytime soon but hot damn y'all all need to take two and have a chill pill.
Paul Emanon
Paul Emanon 16 phút trước
Na it can be used to challenge people be impartial and to think critically. People say hateful things out of ignorance.
Max Walton
Max Walton 3 giờ trước
Parents should go to jail
S 3 giờ trước
To be fair, if she’s not legally allowed to talk about what’s happening with the case, I don’t think she really can apologize for anything at this point lol but tbh if she decides to come back it’s always gonna follow her which sucks but... that’s why you don’t cheat your way to the top
nsxpetes 4 giờ trước
I miss the 90’s
megha singh
megha singh 4 giờ trước
I see so many people being mean towards her. So I am gonna share my story. My parents are not rich my dad is the only bread winner we are a middle class family. After I finished high school I couldn't get into the college I wanted to but I wasn't going to give up I was gonna take a year off and study for the entrance exam. But my dad said no he paid donation to a good private college and sent me to another city. I wanted to say no but I didn't have a choice because I love my dad and would do anything to get his approval. I went to the college first year was okay then things started falling apart I don't even know how I am still alive with the pressure I had to go through. Two people committed suicide in my hostel because they could not cope with the pressure. All this really traumatized me I am an Indian so I think many Asians can relate to this. Parents need to stop putting their expectations on kids. Her parents should have just let her do VIvids instead of pushing her to pursue this degree she didn't even want. All this is just really sad. Not only did I do horribly in my college I didn't even get a job after graduation. I had to start all over again study for banking jobs. Finally I got one but my college education had no contribution in it.
annika anderson
annika anderson 5 giờ trước
You know what. No matter how everyone feels about the situation, she said she legally can’t talk about anything and that she wants to do YT again. She is entitled to do so. Every person is entitled to “push reset” on their life so good for her
tropicalcupcake7 5 giờ trước
Your punk ass didn't even apologize..... yuck!
king 28
king 28 5 giờ trước
Olivia your worthless just like your education
BigKing Bud
BigKing Bud 5 giờ trước
You're a kid, your parents are heavily to blame for how you have turned out. So, you are forgivable, but you are too young to understand the hatred being spewed upon you. Just hang in there, you'll understand one day, and life is short. Don't get caught up in all the negativity and hatred. But try and understand -- 99% of US citizens can't understand your lifestyle.
L 5 giờ trước
It’s not really that hard to put a camera on a tripod and film but okay it’s “something you’re good at”
tania Hearts
tania Hearts 5 giờ trước
So she's still tryna look cute while filming an apology video. I cant believe her.
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
Worthless piece of garbage, get a real job or drink some frickin bleach for Christ's sake.
gabby ramirez
gabby ramirez 6 giờ trước
Whats wrong with her voice tho
Star Traveler
Star Traveler 6 giờ trước
There were several parents caught in the scandal, not just Olivia's parents. I understand why people are angry because their actions caused some hard working individual to lose their spot. However, other parents who are not so public are just as guilty.
nancy meza
nancy meza 6 giờ trước
literally just go away
Owen Chau
Owen Chau 7 giờ trước
shame on you and your family. because of you, someone didn't get into the university they deserved to. because of you, someone's life is ruined even though they didn't deserve it. your family is the epitome of the privilege and disgusting behaviour afforded by your fame and riches. i would wish that you rot in hell, but that would be far too nice for you and your family.
Confidential Name
Confidential Name 7 giờ trước
Please eat a god damn cough drop
Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones 7 giờ trước
All suffering is valid, and you can tell in this video she is suffering. She is thinner which is a sign of anxiety and her whole demeanor was nervous. For everyone getting mad that she didn't say sorry...that may have been a legal obligation because apologizing can be incriminating. Stop hating on her. She messed up, but her life shouldn't be ruined.
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
Go F yourself you dumb blonde. She needs to get an education and a real job like the rest of society instead of banking money her entire life on her criminal parent's fame.
Shyam Mrunal
Shyam Mrunal 7 giờ trước
1:19 trust me when i say, tho we have a lot of no good waste of flesh fcks on this earth, no one, absolutely not a single soul was waiting for ur bitch ass😂
silencedknight 8 giờ trước
Don't know how a doorknob like you was able to get into USC in the first place.
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
Olivia probably had to let the dean ram it in all three holes to get into USC.
A T 8 giờ trước
Move on Olivia...
Smarties 373
Smarties 373 9 giờ trước
Irrelevant to what mistakes she made or were pressured into I genuinely like her content and if she was just a full time VIvidsr from the start as atozy mentioned, things could have been better. So I support her uploading content I think VIvids is the right way to go.
John Smith
John Smith 5 giờ trước
@Smarties 373 Well then you're part of the problem you dumb fuck.
Smarties 373
Smarties 373 6 giờ trước
@John Smith just because this one video has hate doesn't mean her ordinary content is hated, and id like more of it
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
She has less brain cells than a damn rock. Her video has more dislikes than likes. If that isn't a reason to delete your VIvids account I don't know what is...
Verenaisi Rokovada
Verenaisi Rokovada 9 giờ trước
Yeah this ain't it sis
C.M. 9 giờ trước
Sigh.. If she wanted to upload a video, all she could have said is "Hi guys.. It's Olive Jade. I am unable to talk about the college admission scandal due to legal reasons. However, this has been a tough 9 months for my family and I. I am trying my best to overcome this situation. I would like to come back to what I loved to do - which is vlogging and creating new content. I hope I can slowly go back going into what I loved to do, and slowly rebuilding my life. I understand this video won't answer much questions. I'm sorry guys, and I hope everyone has a healthy and happy Holidays. I hope 2020 is a new year where everyone, including myself, can start a new year with hope and joy. Bye guys!
biggyunit 7 giờ trước
C.M. You are hired!
AntoniettaNacc 10 giờ trước
All I can say is no girl just no. This is too big for you to just “go on” with normal life right now. If I were you I would be embarrassed for many different reasons. No one cares to see any content until there’s an apology (to all students who applied and couldn’t get in school because you STOLE their chance at getting in for and education that you had zero cares bout having to begin with) and and honest apology at that.
Alex Arsenault
Alex Arsenault 10 giờ trước
fuck you!!
JJ's World
JJ's World 10 giờ trước
When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." - John 8:7
JJ's World
JJ's World 6 giờ trước
biggyunit 7 giờ trước
Sandra Rhodes Good on you two for having a healthy discussion.
JJ's World
JJ's World 8 giờ trước
@Sandra Rhodes Praise God for all, :)
Sandra Rhodes
Sandra Rhodes 9 giờ trước
Thank God for JJ’s World. The voice of reason.
Sandra Rhodes
Sandra Rhodes 9 giờ trước
@JJ's World :):)
Brittany Garcia
Brittany Garcia 11 giờ trước
In the age of our generation not being able to pay for school or making it through then working their whole life to pay it off. You really are so blind and oblivious to real struggles. You hurt peoples feelings dude and idc how dumb that sounds. You are just so blind
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
I'm like over 50k in student loan debt so all I can say to Olivia is "go grab a razor and paint a bath because you are a spoiled piece of dog shit".
Steel City Show
Steel City Show 11 giờ trước
Moral of the story is somebody needs to look up moral in the dictionary because that's not the proper way to use it
biggyunit 7 giờ trước
Steel City Show That requires opening up a text book. I don’t think she has done that in years.
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs 11 giờ trước
Youb should be addressing the part of you that took advantage! You didn't even want to go to school!
Joel 11 giờ trước
what happened?
Sandra Rhodes
Sandra Rhodes 11 giờ trước
Google it
jose lopez
jose lopez 11 giờ trước
This is a slap in the face for all the students who can’t even get into college because they don’t have enough money . This system is way too fucked up
Maria Villagran
Maria Villagran 12 giờ trước
Please go away... Just go away... You should be ashamed of yourself.
Jackie 12 giờ trước
The moral of the story, where's the apology? You can't apologize because that would mean you were admitting guilt.
Levio Stagnaro
Levio Stagnaro 12 giờ trước
She’s living on recruit difficulty
Mar K
Mar K 12 giờ trước
I’m lost. What happened?!🤪
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis 12 giờ trước
Go away again...
Sown Intergral
Sown Intergral 12 giờ trước
Sown Intergral
Sown Intergral 12 giờ trước
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott 12 giờ trước
Literally didn’t know wtf she was talking about until I figured out who her mom is lol 🅱️razy
John Smith
John Smith 6 giờ trước
Celebrity kids are always fucked up just like their worthless rich parents that are disconnected from the normal everyday life most of us live.
Julian Velasquez
Julian Velasquez 12 giờ trước
Someone’s low on cash again
Thomas White
Thomas White 13 giờ trước
At the age that this all started Olivia was probably like 17. I would imagine the situation was almost entirely the doing of her parents, I don't think blaming her for this makes much sense especially considering we don't know the full story. Sure, her life has been insanely easy and pretty much bought for her, but none of this is really her doing.
Addy Wait
Addy Wait 10 giờ trước
She knew what she was doing.
I'dena Allen
I'dena Allen 12 giờ trước
Thomas White Eh. I don’t think she truly thought it was correct. 18 is very old enough to know right from wrong. I just think that she didn’t care/didn’t think it was a big deal. She probably knew other rich kids who did it. It may have been the thing to do amongst their circle.
Thomas White
Thomas White 12 giờ trước
@I'dena Allen At 18 its still really easy to be convinced by your parents that what they're doing is the correct thing to do. I know at that age I didn't give a shit about much at all, and if I was raised rich I'm fairly certain I would accept a ticket to college like that.
I'dena Allen
I'dena Allen 12 giờ trước
I understand what you’re saying, but I also think that she could’ve not gone through with it. She turned 18. She had options. She makes bank from VIvids, so I doubt she HAD to live with her parents. So what could they hold over her head? A relationship? Lol I doubt they were gonna disown her.
Julien Blanc Dubois
Julien Blanc Dubois 13 giờ trước
Baby, come back. VIvids has been pretty boring without you. We need more drama on here to liven things up a bit.
Khaleesi 13 giờ trước
See if you wanted to FIX this you would pay for a couple of scholarships. But you won’t. Because you don’t care. Because you’re better than people who gave their soul to a rowing team for a scholarship. You’re evil and you don’t care about “normal” people. FIX it instead of having people fix it for you. You robbed people of an education.
Carla Mlna
Carla Mlna 13 giờ trước
do everyone a favor and don‘t return to yt ever again 🙄 girl bye
Mariah 13 giờ trước
Such a shame her parents are trying to plead not guilty so she can’t even make an apology video cos it’s an admittance of guilt. Like obviously her parents scammed the system, why are they being so dumb as to try to claim they aren’t guilty? Sis ya fam done goofed.. come back when the trials are over and you can make that apology video.
biggyunit 6 giờ trước
Yea. It’s too soon to come back. Once everything settles she can address it. Will she? I doubt it. But that can be a long time with appeals.
A C 13 giờ trước
Must be nice being able to move on and “start over” because most people who are normal can’t do that...literally she’s coming back on VIvids to get more hate.
M Z 13 giờ trước
No. Moral of the story is that people spend sleepless nights studying aiming for scholarships when it was only handed to you because of your wealth and unfortunately you are ungrateful for all of it.
citrus meat
citrus meat 13 giờ trước
you clearly don't fucking care about what you and your mom have done. you can't rebound from this olivia. you ruined a kid's chances of getting into usc who cared more about getting an education than you did. you can't move on from this.
CYBER PUNCH 13 giờ trước
It's not her fault it's her parents leave her alone
Triple Oof
Triple Oof 14 giờ trước
Guess “””rowing””” just isn’t your thing huh
Henry Von Henrick
Henry Von Henrick 14 giờ trước
I hope your parents go to jail and stay there lmao
Cristal R Soto
Cristal R Soto 14 giờ trước
Please come back!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺😭😭😭
Katie Brownawell
Katie Brownawell 14 giờ trước
Plot twist she had a kid
biggyunit 6 giờ trước
Katie Brownawell Future rowing champion!
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