(EP2)蓝草的一生?蓝印花布的一生?还是李子柒花裙子的一生?The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi? 

李子柒 Liziqi
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“Blue dye comes from the indigo plant but is even bluer.”
Plant the indigo seeds and harvest twice a year,
Squash the leaves in a tank of liquid, drain to extract the dye, hand print the cloth and make into clothes!
Blue calico dying and batik printing are time-honored crafts handed down through generations.
I wonder how many of you still remember them.
蓝印花布 蜡染这些老前辈们的手艺,

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So beautiful clothes
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I remember batik. Thank you for your beautiful ❤️ work!
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I've been thinking about you for weeks, I hope you guys are safe and happy.
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She took the whole year to make this video, So proud of her for spreading Chinese culture to the whole world, I wanna meet her someday😭ps:I’m Chinese
Andy Williams
Andy Williams 4 giờ trước
To everyone in every place where there is a threat of COVID-19, just stay home and be safe... Just watch all the videos of Ziqi again and again; you won't be bored and you will learn much; and before you know it, the virus would have dissipated.😊
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You are really lovely in every way. Thanks for this wonderful video.
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قناة تعال وشوف
bri 5 giờ trước
Me encantó el video aunque me gustaría que también pudieras el título en español para entender un poco lo que haces 🤷‍♀️❤️❤️❤️😚
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erischa aulia 5 giờ trước
Your video just give me energetic vibes Ziqi
erischa aulia
erischa aulia 5 giờ trước
I live with my grandma too, your video really inspired me. After watching your video, i do anything what i can do in my house, and work it with elegantly way just like you do and take care my grandma better than before, i do some variant cooking style, and i do some gardening stuff in my backyard too, but idk what i should do with the bamboo in my garden, thats grow too big and i dont have bamboo skills like you hehe
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Giger kills corona virus! Stay healthy and happy!
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我想和你们分享一个发生在武汉的真实故事,故事中的医生是我朋友的舅舅和舅妈。 1月23日他俩得了冠状病毒,非常严重。为难中我的朋友劝他们诚信念『法轮大法好,真善忍好』九字真言,现在康复了。 我朋友的舅舅泪流满面地说『我重生了,简直就是脱胎换骨了....』 这是一个真实的故事。在冠状病毒席卷全球之际,人们束手无策,只有祈求上天的帮助,九字真言就像一帖神丹妙药,诚信的念诵对我们每一个人都有帮助,为什么不放下心好好的念一念。 I just want to pass on a message from a friend of mine at this crazy time. Physician Couple in Wuhan Recoverd from Coronavirus by sincerely Reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ Let your family and friends know should they're in need. Stay healthy! vivids.info/video/fpnAsbTccaVplMc.html
Gha Chemia
Gha Chemia 6 giờ trước
JKT82 8 giờ trước
I love your videos Lizigi !
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Bonjour à vous je suis français, j'adore vos vidéo en familles, vous me faite découvrir vos différent légumes, et la cuisine et merveilleuse, et les moment paisible que vous passez tous ensembles, ce gout très simple des bonne chose , prenez soin de vous et vos parents continuez a nous faire rêver à travers vos vidéos , et attention à vous car nous en France comme d’autre pays nous traversons une période historique d’une bactérie le coronavirus qui fait énormément de victimes et de mort chez les plus fragile protégez-vous si vous le pouvez bisous
SR Creations
SR Creations 8 giờ trước
hey @Liziqi give me reply..
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Sumera Waseem 9 giờ trước
断翼天师 10 giờ trước
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Outstanding. Thank you for making your talents known to the world.
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OMG I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE the painting at the end of the video. How can you be so talented in sooooooo many things? Where did you learn all these skills I’m curious
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Is this true info? vivids.info/video/ktK2bJfFm5GUmJg.html
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Fake news😂
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Chinese are very clever ..but they don't know God is looking from heaven...one day this cleverness will be end for forever
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Rodolfo Rivera Ugarte 12 giờ trước
Algún mexicano por aquí. Apenas empecé a ver estos videos, en verdad que es una chica admirable. No se de qué nacionalidad es, alguien sabe?
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Was waiting for new update and here it is ... Happy to see you again😊😊
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I really love you! I’m rooting for you.加油!from Japan.
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Amo os seus vídeos.
The legendary procrastinator
Dear Western feminists, Liziqi should be your role model. She is the epitome of class and feminity. Overeducation leads to ugliness, premature aging and beard growth. - Harry Enfield
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Watching her video made me forget about everything, about how Covid-19 even existed. Such a way of living made me forget the troubles of the world. The way she lives makes it feel as if she isn't even from this world, it's beautiful... I hope she and her granny is okay, they are precious and need to be protected at all costs. Love and wishes from the U.S.
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Techincal Aarush 16 giờ trước
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Techincal Aarush
Techincal Aarush 16 giờ trước
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Tamara Barretto 17 giờ trước
Is it just me or did she blurr out her grandma’s face ?
simplecomplexity 17 giờ trước
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> just watch those hands! Also the ending scene and the design! This video is masterpiece!
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gülcan kayhan 17 giờ trước
I am happy 😘 you are good ♥️I hope you always stay good.
NHOL DAVIL 17 giờ trước
Hôm rài bên chị có dịch bệnh không
Christine Harris
Christine Harris 18 giờ trước
I hope you and your grandmother stay safe, I look forward to your videos and love the respect and tenderness you show yo everyone in your life, may you continue to show us your skills for many years to come xx
LenoK292 18 giờ trước
Какая же труженица! Дай Бог здоровья Вам и Вашим близким! Процветания во во всем!
【 】【 】
【 】【 】 18 giờ trước
那些把covid19的仇恨转嫁到到Liziqi本人和无辜的中国人身上的人赶紧得绝症吧 恶心死了 讲道理不听 只有诅咒他们永生病毒缠身
Stellars Home
Stellars Home 19 giờ trước
I’m wondering where in China this is? The place is a paradise. Probably far from Covid
【 】【 】
【 】【 】 19 giờ trước
To all the haters of Liziqi , All the people in the world are suffering the pain of virus.but we need to corporate together, not blame others .even pass on hatred to a irrelevant person . what u r doing just makes you more selfish and ruthless, and even worse than evil
范斯 19 giờ trước
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anh pham 19 giờ trước
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Pls tell me the name of the background music.😍
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Why do do everything by yourself. Ask your friends for help or hire some body to do the job
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Liuxuan Kuang 20 giờ trước
Ziqi you are the proud of China. I’m so glad that China has a wonderful, magic girl like you.
Nurva Rediansyah
Nurva Rediansyah 20 giờ trước
Ini persis seperti di alam mimpi, orang Indo mampir. Kali aja ada yg bales komen disini..
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Suchada Malairueng 21 giờ trước
I glad to your come back. I like to video and I keep to follow you continue.
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Kristel Mallari 22 giờ trước
there's no words to describe this lady..she's nxt to God I think..she's so perfect
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